Globe postpaid contract renewal

Globe postpaid contract renewal

This post is a continuation of my previous post.

After the two year contract, there are two options that Globe will give you. It’s either you can get a discount in getting a new cellphone or get bill rebates. I decided to get a bill rebate. Note that you have to call Globe’s Customer Service Hotline (211) or Globe Postpaid Loyalty Hotline (+63-2-7301300) if you decide to renew your contract.

Renewing your contract means being not able to disconnect your Globe postpaid account with them in the next 24 months. Previously, if you decide to get a bill rebate, you are not bound to the pretermination charges. After the system upgrade back in March 2013, they changed the policy.


The bill rebate amounts to 40% of your cellphone bill. Since I still have Globe postpaid plan 299, I was able to get almost 47.5% off my cellphone bill. I only have to pay PHP 157 every month! It’s not bad because I decided to keep my number while I am here in Korea, pursuing my master’s degree.


Unfortunately, I have no information on how much discount Globe gives if you decide to get a subsidized handset from them. The only thing for sure is that the handset from Globe, including the iPhone, is network-locked.

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  1. good for you….. kasi na maintain mo ang plan mo… Ako nag apply ako kaagad ng globe nung mag launch sila ng mysuperplan… Inavail ko dati 349 supertxt “sim only.”. Nung matapos ko ang 1 year, nag renew ako ng contract thru bill rebates. Binawasan ko ng 112 pesos per month yata yun.. Tapos after 2 years uli, nag renew uli ako ng contract. binawasan na ako ng 237 pesos per month. Kaya 349 – 237 = 112 pesos na lang binabayaran ko per month sa supertxt ko.

    Tapos naisip ko iupgrade ko na lang sa 999 unlisurf “old plan” yung may kasamang 1 freebie..Tinaasan nila bill rebates ko to 475. Kaya 524 na lang binabayaran ko per month para sa unli surf. Swerte ko ngayon kasi ngayon, tinanggal na ang unlisurf 999 sa mobile. Sa broadband na lang siya nagkaroon.. Hanggang nov 2015 pa matatapos contract ko bago uli ako mag renew. Sana pag dumating yung araw na yun, mas mataas ulil na bill rebates ang makuha ko

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