10 Reasons Why You Should Get a Globe Postpaid Plan

10 Reasons Why You Should Get a Globe Postpaid Plan

This is part 1 of 3 of my blog posts about my review on getting a Globe postpaid plan. It has been more than two years since I got a Globe postpaid plan. I am almost near bill no. 50. You can find the other parts here:

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It has been more than two years since I got a Globe postpaid and I have compiled all the things that I have found good and bad about Globe’s postpaid services. This guide lists all the things that I find useful when having a Globe Postpaid. The list shows the things that prospective customers of Smart and Globe can use before they decide to subscribe to the postpaid services of the network of their choice. The list contains the things that the agents might not tell you and that you should know.

This post is about Globe’s postpaid plans, not their glorified prepaid product (MyLoad Tipid Plan).

Note: This post may contain old information. This post is updated as of February 2016.

You have the power to choose your cellphone number.

Unlike Smart, which will give you a preassigned cellphone number, you have the option to choose your cellphone number. When you apply, tell the Globe staff to let them have you choose a mobile number. They will tell you whether you need to pay more for a cellphone number or not.

The cellphone numbering system is classified into groups: normal, preferred and golden. Normal numbers are for free.

There is no contract!

If you are just trying out Globe postpaid, you don’t have to worry. You can disconnect your line anytime you want IF you availed of a line-only subscription. This means you did not buy a phone from Globe Telecom and you will  only be receiving a postpaid SIM card. If you sign up with Smart or Sun, they will slap you with a early termination fee of at least PHP 1,500 (I am not sure of the exact figure) if you don’t stay with them for at least six months.

1. Save time without calling the customer service hotline.

If you want to change your billing address, pay your bills without lining up, show your active subscriptions (such as unlimited texting, data consumptions, remaining text messages, remaining minutes) on your current plan, you can do so online. They have the Plan Usage Meter that shows your remaining allocations. Sad to say, based from experience, this tool is not real-time (compared to it’s prepaid counterpart).

You can even change your cut off date. Previously I have a cut-off date every 26th of the month. I changed it to every end of the month so that my bills are in sync with my other utility bills. From what I know, just add 21 days after your cut-off date to determine your payment due date.

2. Your data charges will not be more than 999 pesos.

Nowadays, all the three networks are advertising about preventing bill shock with their services. The only thing I like about Globe’s offer is that Globe’s unlimited surfing for one month is 999, 301 pesos cheaper than Smart’s. You are guaranteed that your data charges will not be more than 999 pesos…assuming you use your phone in the Philippines only.

Update July 8, 2012: The problem is, if you are subscribed to Power Surf and you accidentally exceeded your 50 MB, 300 MB or 1 GB subscription, you will be shocked that you will be paying 999 pesos because, as said earlier, Globe is preventing its postpaid users to know the remaining data volume in their Power Surf subscription.

3. Majority of Globe’s promotions can be accessed.

Unlike Smart that completely denied or prevented its postpaid subscribers subscribing to prepaid promos, Globe is more lax. Most promos are accessible to postpaid subscribers. The only promo not available to postpaid subscribers is the Immortal messages.

4. You have the power to choose between volume-based charging and time-based charging.

In the world of smartphones, getting charged by the volume is ideal because you need to be online 24/7. A smartphone becomes a feature phone (or ordinary phone) if it doesn’t have a data subscription. (What’s the essence of having an iPhone, if you are just playing games rather than using Facebook, Twitter or Viber? Just buy an iPod touch instead!)

Prepaid subscribers are only allowed to subscribe to time-based charging.

5. You can call someone in the same network by the minute, more expensive though.

Globe still offers dial 232, a relief from the by the minute charging system. Previously, it was 0.10 pesos per second (so 1 minute = 6 pesos). Now, it’s 0.15 pesos per second (so 1 minute = 9 pesos).

6. Roaming is pre-activated.

Compared with Smart, Globe’s postpaid roaming is preactivated. So when you go outside the country, you don’t need to call 211. If you are on Plan 299, you may have to call 211 to activate roaming. The good thing is, you don’t need to shell out a deposit to activate roaming.

7. You get support for roaming.

What I like while I am using Globe roaming is that there is a hotline that you can call when you need help while roaming outside the Philippines. You can access all the same kind of help that you can get with your account while you are outside the Philippines. What’s more, it’s completely free. You don’t have to feel guilty when calling Globe’s customer service. You don’t have to worry even if they put you on hold for 5 minutes because the customer service hotline for Globe postpaid roaming is toll-free.

8. The power to manage your everything about your account via 211.

If you have a problem with your postpaid account, it’s not going to be a hassle. You can just call 211 and tell them that you want to do something to your account. You can do the following without going to a Globe Store:

  1. Request for a change in cellphone number
  2. Request for upgrade/downgrade of your credit limit
  3. Request for upgrade/downgrade of your subscription plan
  4. Request for a change in billing address
  5. Request for contract renewal
  6. Request for temporary disconnection
  7. Request for permanent disconnection

Smart, on the other hand, won’t let you do those things. You need to go and visit a Smart store first. (Imagine all the traffic and the lines inside a Smart or PLDT store.) It’s more convenient with Globe, even though sometimes, the agent can’t address or understand your concern at the time of calling.

9. The contract renewal offers are not that bad.

Contract renewal offers are always based on your current plan. Don’t expect to get an iPhone 6 Plus if you are currently on Plan 299. Globe offers up to 47% discount for your monthly service fee if you sign up for a two-year line only contract.

Since the phones from Globe Telecom can never be unlocked legally, I would never bother getting a subsidized phone from them in exchange for two years. I am already satisfied with bill discount.

10. You can ask help from non-Globe staff.

This is one thing I like about Globe. They have this Globe community. You can ask help from other Globe subscribers if you are not satisfied with the information Globe agents have given you.

NOTE: This blog post is neither sponsored by Globe Telecom, PLDT nor any telecommunications company.

DISCLAIMER: All contents of this blog post are based on the author’s experience. Some services may have changed. The information provided may be inaccurate at the time of reading. As this blog post was last updated on March 24, 2015.

WARNING: To sales agents of PLDT (Smart and Sun), Globe Telecom or any other telecommunications company, KEEP OUT OF THIS BLOG. You are not allowed to do any form of advertisement here. Your comments that contain advertisement will be deleted as soon as I detect them.

7 Replies to “10 Reasons Why You Should Get a Globe Postpaid Plan”

  1. Good day to all! I get last july 01 2015 Plan 1499 with lenovo s90 then my phone was damage and it doesn’t open what would I do I pay my bill but I can’t used my phone ?

    1. Well, you signed up for the contract. Regardless whether the phone was damaged or not, you have to complete the contract.

      If the Lenovo is willing to fix your phone, then you have no problem. If Lenovo won’t fix your phone, then buy a new phone and finish your Globe contract.

  2. There’s something completely wrong with this article and it is unfair for Smart. I’m a Smart postpaid subscriber since 2013. When I applied for this plan, I could choose my own number for free (the entire 7-digits can be customized according to the applicant’s liking). When I realized it’s cool to have a number after my birthday, I went to Smart Center again and have my number changed for a small fee (around 300 pesos I think).

    Then I went to Globe (once in SM-Ayala and once in Greenbelt) and I asked them if they could let me choose my own number when I apply for a post paid plan. They said I can’t because it is system generated. But there’s exception if I’m willing to pay 5000 pesos even if the number is not a special number!

    Reading your article makes me doubt the accuracy of your entire blog. And it’s unfair for Smart. I’m a Smart postpaid subscriber and a Globe prepaid subscriber and I can tell that Globe is way better than Smart. But Smart doesn’t deserve this misinformation from a blog. It’s just injustice, if not malicious.

    1. The information in this blog was based on my experience when I applied for a Globe postpaid plan. Maybe the staff that handled me may have breached company protocols to give me the number that I wanted. I will remove #1 if that is your current experience.

      FYI, I am also a Smart postpaid subscriber since April 2012. Company policies or processes may have changed.

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