Getting Started With A Sun Cellular Postpaid Plan

Getting Started With A Sun Cellular Postpaid Plan

Last September 2016, I availed of Sun Cellular’s SIM-only Limited Edition Plan 499. I was able to get it swiftly because I already had a Smart Postpaid Plan. But since the Simple Convincer is aimed to provide the fine print.

Limited Edition Plan 499 is a postpaid plan offered by Sun Cellular (now owned and operated by Smart Communications) that has no holding period.

What’s Included

The limited edition plan (which is no longer offered as of December 16, 2017), includes the following:

  • Unlimited SMS to all networks
  • Unlimited calls to PLDT Wireless Networks (Smart, Talk and Text and Sun Cellular)
  • 1 GB of mobile data


Compared to Smart and Globe’s current rates, Sun Cellular uses the following rates for calls, SMS, IDD and international SMS:

Plan Name Sun Cellular Limited Edition Plan 499
Monthly Service Fee

PHP 499

Calls to PLDT Wireless Networks (Smart, Talk and Text, Sun Cellular)


Calls to non-PLDT Wireless Networks

PHP 6.50 per minute

Calls to Landlines

PHP 6.50 per minute


$ 0.30

Local SMS


International SMS

PHP 9.00

* Table above does not include MMS rates locally and internationally. Will be added once information becomes available

The Fine Print

Account Management

Currently, you can do basic account management with Sun Cellular’s Account Online. However, take note that Sun Cellular does not have a mobile app. For long time Smart postpaid subscribers, they will recognize that Sun Cellular’s Online Self-Service site for subscribers is actually MySmart’s older version. Here are some issues that you will encounter with this network:

No Way to Track Data Usage

Sun Cellular does not offer a way for you to know how much data you have used. You will have no way how much data left is in your monthly allowance of 1 GB. This gives the networks the opportunity to cheat on their subscribers.

No Way to Get Detailed Call Logs from the Network

This only applies to calls to PLDT-owned wireless networks. If you are interested in knowing how much minutes you use per month, you will have no way in knowing this information. PLDT is deliberately hiding this information because according to them, “it’s already free so there is no need to disclose it to the subscriber.”

No Way to Do Advanced Subscriber Management Tasks

Do you want to change your mobile cellphone number? Update your credit limit? Upgrade to a more recent Sun Cellular postpaid plan? Surprise, there is no other way but to be placed on hold in their 24/7 hotline for several minutes.

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