27 Replies to “Things You Need to Know About BDO’s Checking Account”

  1. What if a check was deposited before the date indicated on the check by mistake and it was returned does the bank account holder still need to be charged?

    1. Ayaw nila tanggapin sa bank…dpat daw on the date indicated sa check dpat ideposit. Ksi tulad ko kun ano ko date nailagay dun nya rin i deposit ksi pinaghahandaan ko rin yun date n yun at pinoponfohan para di tumalbog.

  2. If it fails below the minimum balance, you will be deducted.. it its zero balance it wlll display as -300.00 and will be deducted on your next deposit.

  3. the BDO rep says average deposit is 50k for 6mos for me to change my savings account to checking.. sobrang hassle.. need ko p naman PDC for payment

    1. You can read again on what I have mentioned in the post. For your convenience, let me reiterate and state it in layman’s terms: “it all depends on the branch and branch manager”
      And I think you didn’t read the post. You can still convince the branch and branch manager to have them approve your account opening for use in issuing PDCs for payment IF YOU SHOW THEM PROOF.

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