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    1. not necessarily. basta kelangan lang may laman na 20k + maintaining balance yung checking account mo bago dumating yung checking date na yon for a particular month.
      kasi what’s the sense of issuing post dated checks na monthly mo babayaran kung may 240k ka na sa bank to pay it full?
      yan ung sabi sakin ng branch manager ko. iwasan lang na out of balance kapag encashment date na nung isang check na yon na nakadate for that month para hindi magbounce.

  1. What if a check was deposited before the date indicated on the check by mistake and it was returned does the bank account holder still need to be charged?

    1. Ayaw nila tanggapin sa bank…dpat daw on the date indicated sa check dpat ideposit. Ksi tulad ko kun ano ko date nailagay dun nya rin i deposit ksi pinaghahandaan ko rin yun date n yun at pinoponfohan para di tumalbog.

  2. If it fails below the minimum balance, you will be deducted.. it its zero balance it wlll display as -300.00 and will be deducted on your next deposit.

      1. you cannot convert your savings account to a checking account. you really need to open a separate checking account, especially kung peso checking lang yan na hindi nagea-earn ng interest.
        based on my experience, mas madali makapag-open ng checking account kung matagal tagal ka na nilang customer na may savings account sa kanila, especially pag malaki laki ung pera mo for 6 months sa savings mo.
        Mine, nakapagmaintain ako 80k for 6 months sa savings ko. Although, they still asked me the purpose kung bat ako nagbubukas ng checking account. Dahil lang naman sa pagbayad ng condo kaya ako nagopen. Pero kahit wala pa akong pirmadong contract sa landlord ko (dahil di naman pipirmahan ng contract without PDCs), nagopen na sila ng checking account for me.
        Di rin necessary ang job documents like COE. Nakapagopen ako kahit out of contract ako sa work noon.
        Depende sa teller, minsan ang dami nilang tanong na medyo out of topic na sa pagopen mo ng checking account. Mostly mga questions na nakafocus sa savings account mo kahit matagal ka ng may savings account with them.

  3. the BDO rep says average deposit is 50k for 6mos for me to change my savings account to checking.. sobrang hassle.. need ko p naman PDC for payment

    1. You can read again on what I have mentioned in the post. For your convenience, let me reiterate and state it in layman’s terms: “it all depends on the branch and branch manager”
      And I think you didn’t read the post. You can still convince the branch and branch manager to have them approve your account opening for use in issuing PDCs for payment IF YOU SHOW THEM PROOF.

      1. My branch manager never asked me this. Maybe because may 80k ako for 6 months na sa account ko. But I dont think it was because of that. Nakapagbigay kasi ako ng dummy na contract ng condo ko with them (kahit di pa pirmado ung contrata dahil wala pa akong PDC so ayaw pang pirmahan ng landlord). Pero at least kahit un pa lang, proof na yon na kekelanganin ko ang checking account.
        They released the checkbook the same day na nagopen ako. And they just asked me na before getting the ATM for that checking account, bigyan ko muna sila ng pirmado na contract ng condo lease ko.
        Just try to give them proof of documents kung san mo gagamitin ung PDCs mo kahit hindi pa pirmado.

    1. Wala nmn cguro…kc meron akong bpi check na nawidthdraw sa bpi d2 sa me amin… gud as cash na xa…may name ko un check…

      1. Update ngayong 2020,
        Depende sa branch, you can get the actual checkbook the same day na nagopen ka ng account.
        Depende na lang talaga yan sa availability ng branch.
        250 pesos yon pero 50 leaves naman. So kung 12 PDCs ka lang naman a year, good for 4 years na yan.

  4. What if my personal check which has a maintaining balance of 25k falls below it? Will my checking account be closed automatically?

      1. Sa akin, contract from the landlord ng condo, pero hindi pa signed yon. I just told them na in order for my contract to be signed, I need to give them 12 PDCs first (for one year contract of lease).
        Ayon, pinagbuksan naman nila ako ng checking account. Binigay din nila yung checkbook ko the same day. Sabi na lang nila, bago ko kunin ATM card ko para sa checking account na yon (which was one week after), bigyan ko sila ng signed and notarized contract nung condo lease ko

  5. I’m an American considering opening a local account. Firstly though you need to standardize your rules across the board. You are a nationwide Banking chain not a group of individual businesses with the same name and need to conduct yourselves as such. I can assure we set the standard in America for correct business practices and you would only benefit by following our example. Granted you may continue to lose business at your leisure but the sooner the 1st world recognizes that you are competent the sooner we invest. And let’s be honest your clients money is needed to trade on the forex. So I suggest universal BDO standards so that everyone knows the rules regardless of branch. Otherwise.. why are you a nationwide chain?

  6. Hi, paano kung need ng bank (example: citibank) kung san ako nagloan ng post dated check and plano ko kumuha nun sa BDO? Pwede bang wala muna laman ung checking acct na un?

  7. Thank you for this article! This is indeed very helpful.

    In my experience, I was able to open a checking account in BDO without an existing account on their bank. Initially, I filled up the form online (https://www.bdo.com.ph/anywhere/content/terms-and-conditions) wherein you can also select your home branch and time of visit. Then you have to go visit your selected branch on a specific time that you chose on your application. Finally, not less than an hour and you will have your checking account with you.

    You just have to make sure you bring with you your 2 valid IDs. 5,000 pesos cash as your initial deposit. 250 pesos for processing fee(?)

    -hope this helps-

    1. I hope that will be the same with all of the banks. Did they ask you questions or the reason why would you like to open up a checking account?

  8. Hi, regarding charges for insufficient fund, sept.9 may fund namn, the folowing day sept 10 nag isufficient na, I was notified by my BDO branch (Sept.11) and I immediately transfer fund kaso Sept. 10 pa daw napasok, di ba dapat 1 check lng amg macharge (sept. 10), tama ba? ang laki ksi 2200 per check. And dapat tumawag muna sila bago nagcharge ks s panahon ngayon pandemic. Pede ko ba i pawaive yun?

  9. I just opened a checking account with them recently.
    I have a savings account for them for 2 years na din.
    I opened one because I need it for my condo lease. Ang binigay ko lang na documents ay ung contract ko sa condo, pero hindi pa sya signed (kasi hindi naman yon pipirmahan without PDCs).
    Pero tinanggap pa rin nila. They also asked if I have a job (I don’t know why but they mentioned something sa pag-uupdate ng personal records ko sa branch nila). Out of contract ako sa work nung nagopen ako pero since sinabi ko naman na marerenew din ako agad, tinanggap nila kahit yung luma kong COE nung last renewal ko.
    On the same day, binigay na rin nila yung checkbooks ko, 50 leaves for 250 pesos. Then kung may 5k ung savings account mo sa BDO, you can just ask them to transfer it from your savings to your new checking account instead of withdrawing cash from ATM.
    Nagrequest ako ng separate ATM for my checking account. Then they told me na before I claim my ATM for that checking account, need ko na magprovide ng signed and notarized contract of lease ng condo sa kanila.

    1. Hello. In my case naman, nag inquire lang talaga ako on how to open a basic checking account with them which is P5,000 to open. Chineck lang nila yung average daily maintaining balance ko sa existing savings account ko sa kanila. Then, ayun, I was able to open naman a Peso Checking Account with them, same day ko nakuha yung checking booklet at ATM. So talagang depende nalang talaga sa BDO branch ang magiging experience. In my case seamless naman. Sa ibang mga kakilala ko, kung ano ano pa talagang documents ang ni-require sa kanila.

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