Things to Do in Korea

Things to Do in Korea

Well, here’s my checklist for the things that I need to do while I am here in Korea. I hope I can do everything! Fighting!

  1. Go to DMZ
  2. Go to Seoul N Tower (still unfulfilled: Go to the top of the tower) (Finally was able to go to the top of the tower. Thanks to my older bro!)
  3. Go to Everland
  4. Find a part-time job
  5. Have more than 2 million won in bank account
  6. Enroll in a Korean language class
  7. Play at Teletubby Land
  8. Join a sports club Joined Sogang University’s Swimming Club!
  9. Go to gym and get that 6 pack abs (as of Feb 10 2016, I still don’t have that six-pack abs)
  10. Stay in another dormitory (besides IH) stayed in 소울관 and 함지관
  11. Meet friends in Gwangju
  12. Meet friends in Busan
  13. Meet friends in Suncheon
  14. Meet my first Korean language professor in Daegu
  15. Sleep in a sauna
  16. Go to a DVD bang
  17. Enter a jjimjilbang
  18. Stay in a PC bang all night long
  19. Sing a song in a noraebang (Thank you PIKO!)
  20. Go to the mother church of all churches in Korea — Myeongdong Cathedral
  21. Go to the church of the Archbishop of Daejeon
  22. Swim in Korea’s beaches
  23. Travel around Korea by bicycle
  24. Go to 독닙기념관 (partial completion: visited the first 3 museums, 4 museums left!)
  25. Get an internship
  26. Visit an orphanage
  27. Go to a public high school
  28. Go to a public middle school(November 27, 2011, because of TOEIC)
  29. Go to a public elementary school
  30. Wear a Hanbok
  31. Go to a hotspring
  32. Ride KTX
  33. Go to “Coffee Prince Cafe” in Seoul
  34. Try ice-skating during the winter(Thank you KAP!)
  35. Try skiing during the winter break
  36. Try the Korean scrub (때메디, I forgot how do they spell it!)
  37. Go to the Christian site in 압구정
  38. Take TOEIC
  39. Take 한국어능력시험 (Test of Korean Language Proficiency, TOPIK)
  40. Stay overnight in a Korean friend’s house, at least 10 (sad to say, I only slept in a Korean friend’s house for four times.) 

Well, that’s all for now~

Last Update: February 10, 2015

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